Dental Cleanings

stock20A crucial element of any proper oral hygiene program is regular dental cleanings performed by a trained professional. Dr. Ross, or his dental hygienist, will provide expert care at each general dentistry appointment with thorough teeth cleanings that combat plaque—the primary cause of gingivitis, tooth decay and serious gum disease.

The Need for Regular Dental Cleanings

The most important aspect of preventative oral care is to fight plaque and keep bacteria from causing decay in your teeth. Although daily brushing and flossing are necessary elements in your plaque defense regime, the professional teeth cleanings from Dr. Ross and his team provide a more thorough removal of plaque and tartar that cannot be accomplished at home. Even consistent and proper brushing can’t completely remove gumline tartar by itself. In addition to maintaining your oral health, good hygiene and regular dental cleanings will end up saving you money because they’ll help you avoid the high costs associated with teeth repair and replacement.

What to Expect During a Regular Dental Cleaning

  • Dr. Ross typically prefers that an exam and cleaning are scheduled during the same appointment.
  • Most cleanings are conducted by a dental hygienist who is an expert at prophylaxis (“prophy”)—the thorough cleaning that removes tough plaque and tartar with specially designed dental tools.
  • The hygienist can remove tartar (hardened plaque found at, or sometimes below, the gumline) that you will not be able to clean with your toothbrush at home.
  • Your hygienist will also be able to perform scaling, a more intensive cleaning treatment.
  • Your cleaning session will conclude with a thorough polishing that will leave your teeth feeling smooth and fresh.

Are Regular Visits Necessary?

Most adults require cleanings at least twice a year but if your mouth is especially prone to gum disease, tooth decay or tartar buildup then Dr. Ross may suggest more frequent appointments.

To find out more about our regular cleanings and how a professional tooth cleaning every six months is a vital part of a healthy oral hygiene routine, call us at our office today. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have or schedule an appointment with Dr. Ross.