Sedation Dentistry

2We don’t just say that we care about creating an ideal dental experience for our patients–we prove it by providing accessible sedation dentistry to all of our patients. Thousands of individuals get anxious about visiting the dentist. Seeing the dentist regularly is crucial to good breath, strong teeth, and optimal whole body health. Because of this, we want to eliminate your anxiety each time you visit us at Grand Avenue Dental Care. Sedation dentistry will allow you to sit through your dental appointment without fear or discomfort.

We offer Nitrous Oxide here at Grand Avenue Dental Care. Simply come into our office at your appointment time, and we will take care of you. Sit back, relax, and we will place a breathing mask over your face. You will freely breathe the Nitrous Oxide in through your nose throughout your time with us. Nitrous Oxide will cause a relaxing sensation to envelop your mind and body. You will remain awake throughout your appointment, which makes it easy for you to respond to Dr. Ross’s questions and instructions, but you will not be awake, alert, and aware like you usually are. Instead, you will feel completely relaxed and comfortable. Your stress will disappear while Dr. Ross and his team improve your health and appearance.

88Other sedation dentistry options may be available. To find out which sedation dentistry method will best meet your needs and individual preferences, talk to Dr. Ross or any of his team members at Grand Avenue Dental Care. We look forward to providing you with excellent treatment and personalized, compassionate care. Don’t let anxiety keep you from receiving the necessary dental work that your teeth deserve.

We are committed to giving you the relaxing, anxiety-free dental experience you deserve at Grand Avenue Dental Care. Give us a call today to learn more.