Dentures have vastly improved over the past several years. Now, dentures are more reliable and realistic than ever. Our denture patients have been very pleased about the way they feel just like natural teeth!

Welcome to the World of Dentures


There is a whole world of denture options out there, and we offer just about all of them! Read on to find out more about the different denture options you can choose from.


Some patients enjoy traditional removable dentures. They can be easily removed and replaced at any time. It can be convenient to remove the dentures to clean and care for them.

Implant Supported

Implant supported dentures are securely held in place by replacement tooth roots. The dentures are attached to dental implants, which are small rods inserted beneath the gum line. Your replacement teeth will never surprise you by shifting or sliding.


Complete dentures replace both the upper and the lower teeth. Some patients benefit from an entirely new smile. Come talk with Dr. Ross to determine whether or not complete dentures are the right choice for you.

Upper & Lower

Some patients only need one row of teeth replaced: upper or lower. You can maintain your fully functioning natural teeth while restoring the weak or missing ones.

Re-Base, Reline, and Repair Your Dentures

stock19All dentures need regular maintenance. Dentures become loose over time, but fortunately, Dr. Ross is always available to upkeep his patients’ dentures. Dr. Ross can reline, rebase, repair, or adjust your dentures when needed.

For All Your Denture Needs, Call Dr. Ross at Grand Avenue Dental Care!

We enjoy guiding our patients through their denture experience. Dr. Ross will assist you with:

  1. Choosing the dentures that are perfect for your lifestyle.
  2. Creating and placing the dentures comfortably.
  3. Maintaining the look and function of your dentures.

If you’re ready to restore your smile with dentures, give us a call today!