Dental Technology

stock-5Are your dental appointments short and sweet? Do you walk away feeling like you spent your time effectively? At Grand Avenue Dental Care, we have top-of-the-line technology to make sure you always feel that way at our office. Our advanced dental technology will transform your dental experience forever!

The latest and greatest dental technology is more efficient and precise. You will receive more successful diagnoses and treatments with less healing time. You can check out some of the technology we use at our practice by reading on below.


Taking photos of the mouth has never been so simple or comfortable. Dr. Ross can easily see the structures of your mouth with the iTero Intraoral Scanner. This small device gives your dentist all the information he needs to assist you within a few seconds.


We know that you don’t have much time to be down and out after a dental procedure. Plasma Rich Growth Factor technology can speed up your healing time. Your body can heal its bone and tissues more rapidly than ever after grafting procedures!

DEKA CO2 Laser

Our DEKA Smart CO2 laser produces the most accurate dental results every time. This laser is both effective and gentle. It can be used to improve all kinds of dental treatments, including periodontic, orthodontic, and cosmetic procedures.


The Isolite allows Dr. Ross to perfectly isolate and examine one affected tooth. The Isolite will protect your remaining teeth and gums while your doctor works on a single tooth. This isolation technology promotes the utmost precision.

Digital X-Rays

Imagine seeing your x-ray results instantly on a screen in front of you. Our digital x-rays make your dental experience just that easy! A digital x-ray will produce the images of your mouth quickly for you and your dentist to see. It also emits far less dangerous radiation than an ordinary x-ray.

Acteon 3D Cone Beam CT

A 3D CT scan is a great way for us to get a complete and detailed look inside your mouth. Unlike x-rays, CT scans can look at both bone and soft tissue in the same image. The cone shape also lets us get multiple viewpoints at once. With that 3-dimensional image, we’ll be able to spot potential problems early and diagnose current issues with more accuracy than ever before.


The T-Scan allows Dr. Ross to see the earliest indicators of bite trouble. The digital software of the T-Scan will bring to light all of the details of your occlusal surfaces. Dr. Ross can treat a bad bite early for the best results.

Come See How Cutting-Edge Dental Technology Can Improve Your Dental Care!

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