Dental Exams

stock-2Regular dental exams are an essential element of preventative dentistry because they allow Dr. Ross to diagnose and address dental issues before they become serious problems. Most adults are advised to come in for an exam every six months, but if Dr. Ross sees that your circumstances require more attention he might suggest more frequent visits.

The Need for Dental Exams

If left untreated, dental problems usually get much worse. Patients that make regular visits to Dr. Ross are much less likely to have small problems develop into major issues. If tooth decay, for example, goes untreated, the tooth may become increasingly damaged. The more damaged a tooth becomes, the less likely it becomes that the majority of the original tooth can be saved. Regular exams will give you the best opportunity for the early detection and treatment of major oral problems. In addition to maintaining your oral health, good hygiene and regular dental exams will end up saving you money because they’ll help you avoid the high costs of teeth repair and replacement.

What to Expect During a Routine Exam

  • Dr. Ross typically schedules an exam and cleaning during the same appointment.
  • After the dental hygienist gives your teeth a thorough cleaning, Dr. Ross will review your x-rays and take new ones if necessary.
  • After reviewing your x-rays he will make a visual inspection of your mouth, often using instruments such as the dental explorer or a long handled mirror. He will check to see that your gums are firm and pink and that your teeth don’t have any soft, rough or discolored surfaces or other potential problem indicators.
  • If he sees any signs of decay, or any other potential issues, Dr. Ross will recommend treatment.
  • He will keep a thorough record of each patient’s history so that he can be aware of each patient’s individual needs and previous diagnostics and preferences.

How Often Are Regular Exams Necessary?

Most adults require exams at least twice a year, but if your mouth is especially prone to gum disease, tooth decay or tartar buildup, Dr. Ross may suggest more frequent appointments. Each patient is different and Dr. Ross will create a personalized oral health care plan that will best meet your unique needs.

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