Why Doesn’t My Insurance Pay for This?

This has come up a lot in our office lately; I hope this will answer some of your questions.

Having dental coverage can make it easier to get the dental care you need. But, it’s important to understand that most dental benefit plans do not cover all dental procedures. This blog can help you understand why your plan may or not pay for all or ever a portion of your recommended treatment. Your treatment should be determined by you and your dentist not by your dental coverage.

Many plans are a contract between your employer and a dental plan provider, or a policy you buy on your own, these plans are agreed on an amount the plan pays and what procedures are covered. Dr Tanner is not involved in deciding your level of coverage.

Dr Tanner’s primary goal is to help you maintain good dental health. However your plan may not cover a portion or all of the procedure he recommends. To avoid surprises on your bill you must understand what and how much your plan will pay.

I am seeing a lot of pre-existing conditions now and I would be happy to pre-authorize any treatment that has been recommended to you, to find out how much would be covered for you. Also some plans replacement clauses have change to no coverage on a crown unless it is older than 10 years.

Many dental plans state that only procedures that are medically or dentally necessary will be covered. If denied it does not mean that the services were not necessary. The decision is yours, with Dr Tanner’s recommendation.

I am here to assist you with your insurance questions. Feel free to contact me at 245.4922. I can also look into your insurance for you.


Thanks for your time