Bedtime Ideas for Littles

Let’s chat about the struggles of our children not wanting to brush their teeth before bedtime. In our household it used to be a constant battle. We as parents are burnt out at the end of the day and when it comes to brushing, it’s easy to not follow through and it is the last thing our kids want to do. BUT… I have found a few fun tricks that have helped my child be more motivated to brush those little chompers. Keep in mind, these won’t work with everyone or every kid, but they are worth a try!

  1. Teaching them ‘HOW’ we brush our teeth. Children are sponges, and mine loves to learn new things that she can share with her friends. So this is a motivator for her because she loves the idea of knowing more! I found this great video on YouTube that demonstrates the process, and easy for toddlers to follow! PLUS it is 2min long and to a nursery rhyme so it is easy to remember!
  2. Implementing new tools! Kids are curious, and bring new products/instruments for them to use in their mouth is fantastic. We have used different flossers, electric tooth brushes, flavored tooth paste, etc. This also helps them make decisions of what they do and don’t like. We like TOM’s fluoride free training tooth paste, the Crayola kids flossers by SunStar GUM (different colors to choose from in one pack) and Colgate battery operated spin brush (with Poppy from DreamWorks Trolls).
  3. Make a Chart! Kids need routine, so making them a chart helps them remember to brush! And they like reward—so giving them a gold star, or working toward a goal at the end of the week or month makes it fun! We like to set a goal for each week and then an overall goal for the month. Showing them the progress is a great motivator! He is an example:

Good oral hygiene is key for children avoiding long term affects into their adult years, so preparing them now with good habits will pay off in the end! I hope some of these ideas help, or help you formulate your own ideas with your children. Thanks for reading!